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10 Miles to Saftey

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After heading off to last years EGX convention we came across one of the most addictive games we had played in a long time. A simple game yet one filled with zombies, loot, guns and a desperate need to get to safety!

Trickjump launched the Early Access beta of their increasingly fun game “10 Miles To Safety” late 2019 and I have been playing for some time now. I have held off writing a review until now as I wanted to get the most I could out of the game before forming my opinion of the game.

The Apocalypse has hit the world and now it is up to you to survive, you awake in a hospital (cliché I know!) a radio crackles into life and informs you that the world has gone to the dogs and you are pretty much on your own.

The voice on the radio wasn’t lying when they said the world was pretty much ending. Never fear though brave wanderer as they have set up a safe haven for you to get to and rest, the only issue is it’s 10 miles from where you have woken. Naturally, it’s not just a case of getting from “A to B” oh dear no!

There’s zombies people and now it’s you VS a whole bloody horde of them. in a world that is procedurally generated you fight through neighbourhoods going from house to house, car to car looking for tools, armour and weapons to get you to that glorious safe haven.

Waves of Zombies, they just want to be hugged people!!!

I am making this sound far too easy, well folks this is where the fun really begins because now you’re up against a daily clock, where during the day you best hope you have gathered enough materials and ammo to survive the night because shit is about to hit the fan and you best be ready.

Find a house or a shed, hell if all else fails then make a damn fort and be ready for the masses of night stalking, death loving, crazed demon-like zombies who are hell-bent on feasting on your flesh.

With night time over, you can carry on to safety but as you do the infection grows strong and so do the zombies. It would be simple to just say make your way to the end but the game encourages you to not only progress forward but to sometimes retreat to a safer zone and gear up a little more prior to moving on.

It’s not all about gearing to move forward there are mini-games or challenges even that encourage you to explore the area, so for example, you may come across an overturned care with a still albeit a little under-the-weather trapped person who you now have to save whilst fighting off the now aware horde who just see the human as a trapped snack. It could also be fending off waves of zombies whilst opening a supply drop, or defending a group of stranded humans.

Either way, there is plenty to do and with the fact, you can play this with your mates or even random players if you want to allow other survivors into your game.

Crafting in the game is simple and allows you to upgrade your traps and barricades (as long as you can find the blueprints) with loot and materials that you pick up on the way from either destroying things like beds, sofas and other barricades.

Defeat the waves of Zombies and save the survivors.

Considering this game is still in early access it’s an enjoyable title. Its a graphically simple game but that’s not a bad thing either, the controls are a little jerky at times and need a little bit of love to polish the game off, again though this will likely be all polished out in the by the end product launch.

I think TrickJump have found a nice little niché in the market for their game as more and more “Zombie Survival” games get released. 10 Miles to Safety encourages you to play how you want and the speed that you want to play at which again just build a stronger liking for the game.

The multiplay is a 1-4 player co-op that supports a “drop-in, drop-out” style play, the more there are of you though the tougher the buggers will become so just be aware of that.

You can pick up 10 Miles To Safety from Steam for £9.95 which isn’t a bad price for an enjoyable time gap filler or something to break up the other games you may play.

If TrickJump keeps on listening to its player base and continues to make the improvements that they have with this game then I see no reason why this game cannot be successful.

Based on its current patch and release I would give 10 Miles To safety 3.5.out of 5 hamsters

10 Miles To Safety is now available on Steam for early access purchase, Click here to head over to Steam.

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