Wed. Jan 27th, 2021

Can eSports improve gaming’s image?

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Thanks to all my controller & keyboard wielding warriors for joining me on this special quick-fire blog regarding gaming and the impact eSports is having on the industry.

Over the past years, gaming has found itself under the spotlight more and more and it’s fair to say it hasn’t all been great publicity, with that said from all the negativity comes a phoenix rising from the ashes in the form of eSports.

It wasn’t until the late 2000s that things really took off and it soon became a global phenomenon and soon we began to see this form of competition gain even more popularity.

What struck me was how eSports has been able to unite people from all walks of life and from every corner of the world to share a common love in gaming.

There are still plenty of naysayers in the world who think that this isn’t a sport an no one wants to watch other play games when you take into consideration that in 2017 alone eSports revenue topped $696 million and that by 2020 it is expected to increase by well over 32% you can see why this simply isn’t a flash in the pan.

image courtesy of Atlanta magazine

When you also consider that in 2017 there were over 2 Billion hours watched when it came to eSports it is very clear that it’s thriving.

That’s some pretty big numbers, but don’t look at the financial aspect. Look at how many people this has bought together to share that common bond, to say “You’re a Hanzo main too? So am I!” to attend a competition as a spectator or entrant and meet people from all over the world that you’d never normally meet.

So when I am asked what do I do in my free time? I’m proud to say that I am a gamer and yes eSports is changing the gaming image and if I am totally honest it can only lead to great things, watch this space world because it’s going to get a whole lot bigger!

In the meantime thanks as ever for joining me, what are your thoughts? Have you ever been to an eSports competition or even taken part? Leave a comment below we’d love to hear from you.

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