Wed. Jan 27th, 2021

Console + SSD, Worth the upgrade?

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Load times seem to be the topic of the week at the moment, with the announcement of the PS5 and its apparent eradication of all load times (hopeful but sceptical..) I thought i would see if there is a major difference between the internal hard drive on my PS4 Pro and an external SSD drive.

I came across a good deal on a 500GB SSD drive, it’s £100 so not cheap! the question is, is the difference worth it?

Queue the tests….

There are 2 games that i find the load times to be a bit of a pain on, Destiny 2 and The Division 2, so i decided that i would run my tests on these games. Before moving the games to the SSD i run some timings to various points in the game. Before i talk about the tests, here are the results:

Destiny 2

Action Internal Drive (mm:ss) SSD (mm:ss)
Load to character select 02:21 01:21
Character select to orbit 00:16 00:10
Fly to Trostland 01:04 00:36
Swap primary weapon 00:09 00:02

The Division 2

Action Internal Drive (mm:ss) SSD (mm:ss)
Open to “Press Start” screen 00:59 00:51
Start to Character select screen 00:35 00:29
Load into game 01:52 00:27

Staring with the results of the Destiny 2 tests. There are significant improvements in the load times, specifically the swapping of primary weapons, it may not be the biggest difference on the table but in game it’s the one that would be noticed the most, one of the problems at the moment is that if your mid battle, it’s almost impossible to quickly change your load out as the load times seem to be so long, it’s still not instantaneous with the SSD but its damn close, i would recommend an SSD for that alone 🙂

Onto The Division 2, the initial load times don’t seem to have much of a difference but i noticed during testing that these are filled with company logos etc. so probably not the best test to run. When you look at the game load times though…WOW, i’m not going to lie, my jaw hit the floor when i was testing, it’s a game changer for sure and totally worth the cost!

Worth it?

Ok, so it’s not going to change the world or make you that pro gamer (trust me i tried!) but it may make the whole experience of gaming better, no more frustrations on load out changes mid battle and since gaming is all about experience i would say it’s worth it. SSD’s are dropping in price rapidly so there are will no doubt be some good deals out there, if you find one, don’t hesitate!

Final thoughts..

After seeing the improvements I’m seriously excited to see what the PS5 can do 🙂

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