Wed. Jan 27th, 2021

Flashback – A blast from the past!

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So, picture this, i’m sitting there scrolling through the nintendo store on my switch when i come across a game that i believe was the first proper puzzle game that i played as a kid. I remember this game as being both incredibly frustrating and satisfying at the same time, and believe it or not i do find myself getting “flashbacks” of playing it from time to time, this was an absolute must for me….queue the frustration and satisfaction all over again 🙂

For all you kiddies out there…

Flashback, unlike a lot of today’s games took a whole lot of patience to master, save points were few and far between (hence the frustration element) so you really had to consider each move carefully, there’s a whole lot of navigating each level, finding keys to open locks and blasting the bad guys before they had a chance to blast you, classic gaming!

Nostalgia….ahhh sweet nostalgia

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I’m not going to lie, i was a bit giddy playing this, from the intro screen through to reaching Earth i couldn’t put this down! As with the original, the controls took a little time to get used to, especially as sheer panic kicks in when you come across your first bad guy, i found myself button bashing trying to work out how to equip my gun, what a rush! Once mastered though i found myself flying through the levels, remembering the levels like it was yesterday, now that’s a testament to how much i enjoyed this game.

I don’t recall ever completing this in my younger years so i’m looking forward to seeing through to the end this time round 🙂

Is it worth a play?

This is the question and it’s a bit of a tricky one. I think there are 3 categories that you can put yourself in that may help you decide:

  1. If like me you played it when you were younger and enjoyed it then it’s absolutely worth another go
  2. If your at an age whereby getting out of bed in the morning is filled with creaking bones (much like me!) but never had a chance to experience this, then once again i would say its 100% worth a go.
  3. Your young! I really can’t see the younger generation enjoying this, my 14 year old son for example would probably get bored very quickly as he just wouldn’t have the patience for it, it’s no Fortnite that’s for sure! I would love for him to try it, if only to see how far gaming has come but i know where that would go so let’s leave it there 😀

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4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5 Hamsters)

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