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Gaming and Charity: A match made in heaven.

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Welcome my Controller wielding warriors! In this week’s blog, I’ll be explaining how gaming and charity go hand in hand and how anyone can do it.

Let’s start from the top then shall we? How is gaming beneficial to charities and fundraising?

To understand just how important gaming is and just how it can help a charity of any sort we first need to understand the industry. Over the past few years, it’s no secret that the gaming industries revenue has been increasing at a rapid rate.

It was reported that the games industry will top just shy of $135billion in 2018 (as reported on Games Industry) now take into consideration that the film industry took $41.1billion dollars in 2018 (stat provided by Statista) there’s no denying Gaming is a fantastic revenue generator for charity.

Ok, that’s pretty insane! So how can I fundraise via gaming?

If you can answer yes the next question then you can pretty much do this!

Question: Do you have a console or PC?

I have no doubt you are all answering yes to this and well that’s pretty much it! These days consoles already come with the capability to stream from the get-go with links to Twitch and YouTube its simply a case of setting up through your console and you’re off.

You really do not need to break the bank when it comes to setting up a live stream to have a charity event, all you need really is the passion to do as much as you can for your charity of choice and a desire to game and seen as you’re reading this its probably safe to say you have both these qualities.

Team Hamster and their very first charity gaming event.

That said let us have a fairer look at what you need for a successful charity stream in the breakdown:

  • A console or PC: Ok so this is pretty much the most obvious to suggest but let’s not ignore the foundation to a good stream.
  • Internet Connection: Again I get this may be a “well, duh” moment but you’d be surprised, I always recommend a wired connection for any stream as wireless can become very problematic especially if you have Wi-Fi blackspots in your house.
  • A Headset: Why? Simple, talk with your viewers, interact with them. Making them a part of your stream is half the battle the more they feel involved the more chance you have of having a successful stream/event.
  • WebCam: So with this, I will say this is optional as some people just don’t like having their face on streams but again if you chose to do forfeits having this captured on camera again engages with your audience and drives viewership interaction and potential donations.
  • Patience: Oh yes, this is a biggy because when you first start your stream you may only have a few viewers and it may sometimes be that you are the only person playing with no viewers but stay strong and use the next step…
  • Social Media: Make sure to plug your charity stream as much as possible (without becoming a serial spammer). Have friends and family share your posts, tag gaming communities and even the game developers of your chosen game(s) and see if they can retweet your posts.
  • Rotation: Chose a few games to play during your stream or chose a single game with an ultimate goal at the end (think World Of Warcraft level 1 to 120) having a goal in-game to work to will not hurt at all and also encourages viewers to stay and watch you reach that target.
  • Prizes: During your stream, you could offer prizes for viewers, for example, an online digital raffle where people can donate for entry into an hourly raffle for prizes you have managed to obtain. Speak with local business for prize support and in return, you can promote their business during your stream.
  • Don’t take “No” too hard: When asking for prizes the hardest thing is being rejected, but the main thing to understand is that it is not personal. You will always get those who cannot support you for many reasons but this comes with the territory and you should never be disheartened.
  • Set a reasonable target: This may seem a little odd to suggest but think about what you are fundraising for and how you are going to go about this and don’t set a target that could be tough to reach as it can sometimes be deflating to see that you haven’t raised the amount you have hoped for. * Remeber the charity you are fundraising for are going to be over the moon with whatever you have raised!
  • HAVE FUN!: I cannot stress this enough, this is your time to shine and show the world your passion for gaming and the charity you are supporting and if you are having the time of your life the viewers will see this and the results will speak for themselves.
Set a reasonable target, if you managed to hit it, don’t stop keep going!
Image Courtesy of Team Hamster

Surely it can’t be that simple!?

It really is, when Team Hamster did their first-ever 24-Hour gaming marathon all they had were four Playstations, two PlayStation cameras and a tablet that they propped up to have a stream of the whole group.

If you need more convincing that gaming really does make a difference to charity then look no further than the recent “Race to World First” where Method raised over $60,000 over 13 days during their stream for Save the children. Team Hamster raised just shy of ¬£3,000 during their first charity event and overall they have managed to raise just over ¬£5,000 over four 24-hour gaming marathons.

So you see it really is simple, have fun, set a fair target, keep your audience engaged and raise as much money as you can because whatever you raise will be more than what your chosen charity had before you started your event.

I hope that you’ve found this blog helpful and gives you an idea of what you can expect and inspires you to fundraise. If you would like to ask anything then you can contact team hamster via email: where we will be more than happy to offer any advice or support.

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