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PS+ Free Game – Detroit: Become Human, Worth a play?

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The short answer is a resounding yes! Let’s go into a little more detail shall we.

If you played Heavy Rain on the PS3/PS4 then you will know what sort of game this is, its slow paced and story driven, the objective here is to tell a great story and it does that well. There are some, I guess you would call them action sequences in the game too, but these are very much a “hit the right button at the right time” sort of thing…actually not “sort of thing”, its exactly that!

You play the roll of multiple androids to see the story from multiple perspectives, this keeps things interesting and I found myself looking forward to certain sequences when I knew who I would be in control of, I was kind of rooting for the friendship between android and human (play it and you’ll know what I mean!)

So what’s it all about then?

You play through sequences in this game which are like flowcharts (thats how they look on completion), you can make various choices or follow various paths, each leading to an outcome (ever heard of case based reasoning?). The really cool thing with this game is that you can (and often will) make the wrong choices, this will lead to totally different outcomes and can lead to the death of your android. A great example of this would be: I played a sequences whereby I had to rescue other androids, I missed a vital step which lead to me failing to rescue them, the game however continued and my later choices were affected by that mistake, after completing the game I decided to play that sequence again and completed it, to my surprise there was a hell of a lot more to do in that sequence that i didn’t experience the first time around so if you do fail at any point its worth a replay just to see what happens 🙂

What’s not to like?

With any game it isn’t perfect, it was a little slow at times but based on the game type, that was to be expected, and lets be fair, if the only down side to game is the fact that its a little slow, that’s pretty awesome right!

Its free at the moment so grab it if you can and leave a comment on you thoughts.

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5 Hamsters)

1 thought on “PS+ Free Game – Detroit: Become Human, Worth a play?

  1. A well written review of the game!
    It gives you just enough to make the choice and as you say it’s free so why not take the dive? Nicely done mate!

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