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Sneak Energy

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Before I go into the review I’d like to say that I have not been paid to write this review nor am I being endorsed or sponsored by Sneak Energy.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I like (or used to like) drinking energy drinks, even more so when I was heavily gaming or during our 24-hour gaming marathons.

Whilst this was not always the wisest idea it was helpful because when you’re doing that kind of non-stop gaming, staying focused is key! (as well as not sleeping of course).

The only issue was that when drinking any type of energy drink you tend to always have that “sugar high” and “heavy come down” which meant that whilst the energy drink gave you that boost it didn’t last long and I would always end up feeling more tired than I did before.

So I saw a post on Facebook about Sneak Energy pop up and it got me thinking “what makes them any different?” I mean, after all, it’s just another energy drinks company, right?

So I threw caution to the wind and shelled out a few quid (£9.99 plus delivery of £4.99) to try 5 of their flavours and nab a shaker (this came free with a promo code) and waited to see what all the fuss was about.

The parcel arrived within a few days (normally it is the next working day but as I ordered just before the weekend it took a little longer) and it came well packed and ready to use.

Flavour wise, I had gone for the “Stealth, Strawberry Watermelon (2 of these bad boys), Tropikilla and Cheerybomb” flavours.

As I have gotten back into gaming and also spend a lot of time at a computer during my working hours too I decided to take one to work to see how it would help me through my shift.

I was dubious about the fact you had to add water purely because when you have to mix powdered things with water you invariably end up with clumps or it can taste pretty grainy and gnarly. Well, needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised again because not only did it not taste “grainy” it was damn tasty, you see I had chosen the stealth flavour for my first trial.

All the energy and focus at just the right time

I took the time to read the back of the sachet and there was no sign of sugar in the ingredients.

Sneak pride themselves on not using sugar and other forms of energy developing ingredients that your average store-bought drinks do to give you the boost that you need, they even go as far as to say on their website’s FAQ’s that there is the equivalent of 2 cups of coffee or say the same amount as you would find in 3 cans of soft drink.

So! back to work, I got through a pretty hefty shift and was surprised at how long the drink “effects” lasted and to be fair I was ready for the “come down” from having this to drink but it never came which really impressed me, to be honest because it was clear they don’t rely solely on Caffeine and Taurine to give you a boost, instead, they look towards a more natural way of giving you the drive and focus you need.

Each flavour is made up of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, Caffeine (as discussed) with natural colours and flavours and they hide nothing from you you can check out what is in each service whether its a sachet or you by a whole tub of your favourite flavour.

I have gone on to try other flavours since during some gaming sessions to and again I haven’t felt the sugar come down, it naturally wears off leaving no horrid after effects.

All you need is 300 to 400ml of water (I prefer 400ml, but personal preference try both amounts and see what you like in terms of consistency) and either shaker from their site (£6.99 on their site) or if you have one of your own then great!

In closing, going back to my original statement of ” it’s just another energy drinks company, right? “ the answer is No they’re not because they actually care and want to make sure they deliver on what they promise.

That being said with all energy drinks they have to be taken in moderation, this is a given, but I am impressed with Sneak’s transparency and their desire to make sure that they deliver a better way of delivering that energy boost that gamers want and need at the right moment.

I have yet to try out all the flavours ( I didn’t select blueberry which was totally my fault DOH! ) but in order of what ones I’ve liked most in order are

  1. Stealth
  2. Cherry Bomb
  3. Strawberry Watermelon.
  4. Tropikilla.

If there is one thing I would recommend that perhaps could be looked into it would be making the “mixing” instructions more visible if buying on sachets as they are a tad small. Perhaps a small business card like insert or something along the lines of a compliments slip with the instructions could possibly help, either way, this was the only “gripe” I found.

Thanks for joining me on this 1st ever product review and I’ll catch you all next time – Doogle

If you have liked this review and would like to try out Sneak for yourself then head over to their website here and give it a go, plus they’ve got some decent merch too!

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