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Far Cry New Dawn : The Review

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*** Warning this will contain spoilers for those who have not played Far Cry 5 or indeed New Dawn yet ***

As we are carted off to Dutch’s bunker amid the apocalyptic explosion of nuclear warfare we are left with the burning question what will the next Farcry instalment involve? Will we see the Father again? what has happened to hope county? where will the next Series take us?

Thankfully I didn’t have to wait too long as Ubisoft announced Farcry New Dawn which released February 15th 2019

I couldn’t wait to pick up where I left of after the cataclysmic ending of Farcry 5, I am not sure quite what I was expecting but I cant help but feel a little let down.

Here’s what I think after playing through the game.

After the initial “meet and greet” introduction of the new main baddies The Highwaymen and their fear inducing leaders Mickey and Lou we are whisked off to prosperity.

The Twins Mickey and Lou

Welcome to Prosperity this will now be your base of operations throughout the game, the small “community centre” has three stages to complete to make it into the best possible fortress going.

All you have to do is go recruit people to help you and also gather Ethanol to trade in to upgrade your bases main areas: Cartographer, Garage, Training Ground, Infirmary, Herb Garden, Expedition Pad, Explosives and Weapons area to name but a few.

Prosperity – Your new base of operations.

Our first story mission is to go and rescue Thomas Rush after he is captured at the start of the game, after all this is the dude who is going to help Prosperity thrive and grow once more.

Naturally on your path to the main story we are greeted by a welcomed past time…Side Missions, Prepper Stashes, Outposts and the newly added supply drops, So lets break these down.

Guns for hire:

Guns for Hire – Carmina Rye

These were something to be desired in Farcry 5 and to be honest very little has changed here, The Human AI characters that you can recruit are at best a nuisance, especially when your are trying to “stealth” an outpost (we’ll come to those soon I promise).

The Animals this time around are miles better, Timber (a lovable hound) and Horatio (A big ass hog) are on hand to lend a paw (or trotter) in taking care of business, where as the humans who you have with you are more than happy to gun-ho into outposts and get spotted thus tripping the alarms and you having to starting all over again, DAMN YOU CARMINA RYE!!!

One thing that disappointed me (that wasn’t bought over from FC5) was that you can only have one active gun for hire where in FC5 you could have more, its nothing major but was a little disappointing.

Treasure Hunts (Formerly prepper stashes):

Treasure hunts are always fun right?

OK so who didn’t like finding these and solving the puzzles to get into the rooms and steal the precious booty??? Well nothing has really changed for these if I am honest however I did come across one stash that had me watching billy bass fish…I shall say no more as you will need to find this one yourself!

I’ve quite enjoyed finding the stashes and to be fair it didn’t need much work to improve or expand upon.

Supply Drops:

Incoming supply drop!

So these are exculsive to New Dawn and at first I was quite excited as it was going to be a race to see who got to the drop first, you or the highwaymen either way you were going to have a fight on your hands.

Or so I at least imagined, naturally the first supply drop is an easy one so you can get a feel for what to expect, but the desire to run and chase the crate as it fell from the sky soon lost my enthusiasm.

Why you ask? To put it simply they became boring, at most two highwaymen would put up a fight and you could dispatch them pretty easily then open the crate and be on your merry way again.

Supply drops occur regular enough but I feel they missed a trick here and that it should have been a tad more challenging after all this is after the apocalypse so supplies are going to be highly sought after, so naturally you’d think you would be screaming “come at me bro!” sadly not.


Taking an outpost can be rewarding.

This has so many people divided and I can understand why.

My first outpost experience was a mixed bag really, firstly after sending Carmina packing for getting us seen four times, your weapons play a big part in how you take over the outpost, your initial weapons aren’t the stealthiest so you have to pick and chose how you are going to take down each enemy.

Once you’ve successfully taken over the outpost you can chose to leave it as it is or you can “Scavenge” the outpost thus allowing the highway men to take it back over and you re-running taking it over, this time however the enemy has become stronger and taking it over for a second time is going to be tougher.

You can take over an outpost 3 times with the third being the hardest each time you takeover the outpost you gain extra ethanol thus helping you improve your home from home, Prosperity.

For me with the outposts I have taken over I really haven’t felt the need to “Rinse and Repeat” but still have as I want the achievements but it is a little unnecessary and borderline tedious which is a crying shame.

Didn’t you mention Expeditions…?


Let’s go get some goodies.

Expeditions…what a enjoyable addition to the Farcry series, so you can unlock this cool feature by upgrading your expedition pad and Prosperity. These missions can be done in Co-Op, with a gun for hire or on your own and like outposts they can be done three times with each try getting tougher.

You speak with your fearless pilot Roger Cadoret who will then whisk you away to a location where you need to locate a backpack laden with goodies for you.

Sounds pretty easy right? Well not quite, not only do you have to try and get the bag without being seen (or you can go in guns blazing it doesn’t matter on the outcome) once you have your dabs on the prizes the real fun begins and clock starts ticking,  Get your Sh*t together and LEG IT! Because that awesome bag’o’swag has a GPS tracker and the minute you move that bag the Highwaymen know about it, now its a case of survive and get the hell out of dodge people!

Cadoret will send you a location that you have to get to where he will eventually pick you up. Yes…eventually because now the whole gang and their nans are coming after you and it is a world of hate coming your way as you fight to stay alive long enough to get on that damned helicopter and fly off into the sunset.

The Story of New Dawn:

You didn’t think it would be that easy…did you?

So after finally getting through this game I have to say I was left feeling sorry for the twins. The game builds you up to fear Mickey and Lou and their band of highwaymen, You are constantly fighting against their rule and trying to make a real go of things here in prosperity and the new post-apocalyptic Hope County, the only problem is they’re not the real enemy and they end up being cast aside towards the endgame.

The Father – Joseph Seed saw this coming, or did he?

Joseph Seed is missing and what remains of Eden’s Gate is being led by his son Ethan Seed. It seems that Ethan isn’t too fond of trying to really find his father but would like the Book of Joseph to be found.

When you do eventually find Joseph (and have a fan boy moment like I did) it turns out the Joseph doesn’t see Ethan as the one to lead Eden’s Gate into the new world but rather YOU

Ethan Seed – The Prodigal Son?

Naturally this pretty much P*sses Ethan off and he has a tantrum of epic proportions, if you haven’t guessed it already this is the real protagonist of New Dawn. So let me get this clear so you can understand, you are whisked off to Hope County to help get it back on its feet, you are captured by the Highwaymen led by the Bad-ass twins Mickey and Lou who are going to make your life a living misery.

But in actual fact all the work you do to try and restore hope county and prosperity to rise from the reign of Mickey and Lou means absolutely nothing! You eventually fight and take out Ethan (after you rinse the twins) and are then left with a tough choice once more…

Grant Joseph’s wish and end his life or walk off into the night and leave his sorry ass there.

In Closing:

With all this said I cannot help but feel that this game has been a step back of sorts, is this worthy of the prices tag? No I cannot say that it is. This should have been a DLC of sorts because I don’t think that there is enough of the game to support it being a true spin off standalone.

Now don’t get me wrong the game is pretty, and its always cool going back to places to see what they look like after the nukes went off, but it is not enough to hold it up as a standalone which is a shame.

It isn’t the worst spin-off (that goes to Primal) but it certainly isn’t the best either (Farcry 3 Blood Dragon takes that title) I think that the Seed story should not (that’s if it does) end in a spin-off game, Joseph’s story could have quite easily gone on in the next major instalment (if it doesn’t).

If there is one thing I would like to see in the next full Farcry game it will 100% be the expeditions feature for sure.

Farcry New Dawn is a bright vibrant enjoyable game with some cool ideas but cannot really be called a full game. It’s an overpriced expansion at best, it will come down in price soon and I’d recommend waiting for it to do so before investing in it.

With this in mind I am giving Farcry New Dawn 2.5 out of 5

2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5 Hamsters)

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