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X-Gamer Energy

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In this review I’m going to be checking out the X-Gamer Energy formulas, looking at its taste, performance benefits, and value for money.

X-Gamer is a UK based brand who specialize in energy supplements. Dubbed as Europe’s fastest-growing energy & focus formula, the team at X-Gamer have a goal to provide gamers of the UK & Europe with an affordable and effective way to boost their energy levels. With competition from brands such a GFUEL, X-Gamer is now starting to capture more and more of the European marketing with their ever-growing range.

At the time of writing this, the brand currently has 19 different flavours in its product range, which are available in two sizes, a shot sachet, or tub. The tubs are priced at just over ¬£30, with 60 servings per tub, and with free UK shipping, this makes X-Gamer a better value for money alternative compared to other brands. As well as tubs and individual sachets they also offer a Pick ‘N’ Mix option where you can order a variety of flavours for a discounted price, as well as branded shakers.

After seeing reviews on social media I decided to give their formula a try for myself. As I wanted to try all the flavours I purchased a mix of sachets and a shaker as it’d feel a little wrong putting it in a GFUEL shaker.

Firstly I want to talk about the delivery of the product as I was extremely impressed by how soon the product arrived. I placed my order at 3 pm, selected the free delivery option (2-4 days), and the next morning my order had arrived! The products were packaged very well so there’s very little chance of damage, even with international shipping.

Something I did struggle with was trying to decide which flavour to try first! Being a fan of grape flavoured drinks Nightshade was my favourite, however, all the formulas tasted great. They are very refreshing, tasty, and what’s great is you get no powder left at the bottom as you’d find with similar products.

Flavour to one side, I also felt the energy benefits. With late-night Destiny 2 sessions becoming a daily occurrence, the amount of sleep I was getting was pretty scarce! I was struggling to get motivated to stream after working all day, so before my streams, I’d have a sachet of the formula. Around 30 minutes after finishing the drink my tiredness began to subside, and I started to feel a lot more focused and alert, which allowed me to produce great streams for my followers and destroy my opponents on Destiny.

Personally I’ve always been a GFUEL fanboy, but X-Gamer has certainly won me over with everything about their brand and product. With their great product, value, and superb customer service, I’ll certainly be their number 1 customer going forward!

You can check out all the formulas and other merchandise over at the X-Gamer website.

(This article is not sponsored by X-Gamer | Credit to griizzly_b for Nightshade image)

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